Monday, January 22nd -  Monday Sale

Monthly Organic Sale

Special Livingston County Certified Organic Dairy selling 30 head.Consisting of 22 milking age. a few close springing heifers. The majority of the herd is fresh 60 days, the rest in all stages of lactation. All Holsteins with 2 R&W and one blue Lineback. Cows ave.45#/day SCC under 200,000. This outstanding group of cattle have nice udders and good feet and legs and would not be available except they need to be sold due to owners health reasons. NOFA Certified and DHI records at ringside.
Monday, January 29th -  Monday Sale

Monday, February 5th -  Monday Sale

Monthly Feeder and Fat Cow Sale
Monday, February 12th -  Monday Sale

Monthly Heifer Sale
Monday, February 19th -  Monday Sale

Monthly Lamb, Sheep, Goat and Pig Sale
Monday, February 26th -  Monday Sale

Monthly Organic Sale