Monday, April 23rd -  Regular Monday Sale

Monthly Organic Sale

ALSO, A load of 12 Conventional Fresh Cows

Friday, April 27th -  Complete Registered Holstein Dispersal

11:00 AM sale held on the farm: 2750 County Highway 31 ▪ East Springfield, NY 13320
Van-Acres LLC, Complete Registered Holstein Dispersal
75 Milking age & 75 youngstock.

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Monday, April 30th -  Monday Sale

SPECIAL: Buckvale Farms Complete Registered and Grade Holsteins Milking Herd Dispersal - Jefferson, NY

Watch for More Info

Saturday, May 5th -  10AM. Sale held on the farm: Roweview Farm Complete Dispersal Cattle & Machinery

85 tiestall Cows. Full line of Harvest, Tillage & Barn Equipment. Watch for more complete details.

Monday, May 7th -  Monday Sale

Monthly Feeder and Fat Cow Sale

SPECIAL: Belle Hill Farm, Poland, NY – Steve & Dixie Barton. Complete Herd Dispersal. 170 Head of Dairy Cattle – 84 milking age, balance bred heifers & youngstock. This herd consists of Holsteins, Jersey, Jersey Cross, Guernseys, Linebacks, Ayrshires, Brown Swiss & Dutchbelts. Cows are ave. 50#, SCC 150,000 strictly Hay & Grain

Friday, May 11th -  Complete Dairy Dispersal - 11:00am

On the Farm in Ilion, NY - Wedgenock Farm
210 Outstanding Freestall Cows and Heifers. All AI sired & Bred. Cows are avg 75#/day on 2X

Monday, May 14th -  Monday Sale

Monthly Heifer Sale

A group of real nice Holstein open Heifers ready to Breed

Monday, May 21st -  Monday Sale

Monthly Lamb, Sheep, Goat and Pig Sale

Monday, May 28th -  Monday Sale

Monthly Organic Sale

Monday, June 4th -  Monday Sale

Monthly Feeder and Fat Cow Sale

Monday, June 11th -  Monday Sale

Monthly Heifer Sale

Saturday, July 14th -  Meadows Farm Complete Registered Waygu Beef Dispersal

Sale On the Farm in Cazenovia, NY --- We will be selling over 100 Purebred Cattle. Cows, Cow/Calf pairs, Heifers, Bulls and Steers

Watch for more complete details ...